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Why Choose Us

Affordable Payment Options
Why Choose Us

Affordable Payment Options


Our high quality services are available at competitive prices. We have a wide range of dental treatment options to suit your individual needs. Patient will be given options and costs in a form of written estimate prior to the treatment.

Dental Finance is available.

We have a pay-as-you-go system, so treatment is payable at each appointment. 0% interest scheme can only be used with prior agreement.

We accept Cash, Credit/Debit Cards (except AMEX).

Surrey Dental Spa Fees

Price List 2019 Private

Examinations Fees
*New Patient Examination £65 PLUS RADS
*Examination £44 PLUS RADS
*Smile/implant/straightening Consultation £85.00
*Emergency £44 PLUS RADS & TREATMENT
*Emergency Re-cement £48.00
*FTA £25.00+ according to time wasted
X-Rays Fees
*Periapical £11.00
*Bitewing £11.90 *Bitewing
*OPG £55.00 (£65 if from another GDP)
*Study Model £55.00
Hygiene Fees
*Scale & Polish (Hygienist) £56.00
*Scale & Polish (Dentist) £73.00
*Root planing per quadrant POA
*Dentomycin £52.00 per application/visit
*Airflow £100.00+
Prevention Fees
*Fissure Sealants £38.00
Fillings Fees
*Amalgam Filling 1 Surface £85.00
*Amalgam Filling 2+ Surface £110.00
*White Filling 1 Surface £125.00
*White Filling 2+ Surface £195.00 (from)
Extractions Fees
*Normal Mobile/Loose Tooth £95.00 (unless 4+ very mobile then £55 each)
*Surgical £200.00+
Veneers Fees
Cosmetic Veneer £795.00
Italian Veneer £845.00
Visual Try in £695.00
Wax up £600.00
Crowns Fees
Gold Crown £850.00
Non Precious Bonded £522
Bonded Crown £622
Porcera/OtherCrown £722
Posts Fees
Cast Post/Core £165.00
Ceramic Post £200.00
Pre Fab Posts £140.00
Inlay/Onlays Fees
Gold Inlays/Onlays £750
Tooth Coloured Inlays/Onlays £722
Bridges Fees
As per crowns x number of units!
Root Canal Treatments Fees
1-5 £475.00
6-8 £575.00

Basic partial or full £995
Cosmetic or chrome £1750.00 each
Flexible Denture £995
*Repair £170.00
*Addition £190.00 (plus cost of XLA)
*Additional Additions £40.00 each
*Temp Partial (Pre Implant/Bridge) £270.00
Whitening and Facial Fees
Azzalure £220.00 - £320.00 - £420.00
Brow Lift £420.00
Allergan Botox £450.00 (Pt must purchase full vial)
Juverderm 3 £220.00 per syringe
Juverderm 4 £260.00 per syringe
Tooth Whitening Home £310
Tooth Whitening Surgery £450.00
Tooth Whitening Combi £575
Implants Fees
Implant £2500.00
Mini Implant £600.00
Bone .25g £250.00
Membrane £250.00
Straightening Fees
Inman £2500.00 per arch
Clear Align (like Invisalign) £2100.00 per arch
6 Month Smile £4500.00 (upper and lower are done together)
Retention £275.00
Clear Aligners from £1800

*NOT available on finance

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