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Our Treatments - Veneers

Veneers are an ideal way of solving the problem of stained teeth, gaps in between teeth or repairing cracks and chips. A veneer is a very thin porcelain facing, rather like a false nail, used to cover the front of the tooth or teeth, to improve cosmetic appearance. They are extremely durable and a long-term solution to dental cosmetic imperfections. Porcelain veneers look just like natural teeth. They are translucent so once cemented to the natural tooth will reflect the light.


When considering a veneer we would always advise you to look at all your options. Other than veneers, you could leave your teeth as they are or hide the chips and cracks with fillings. The technology of white fillings is so advanced that this could be a suitable alternative. In some situations regular hygienist visits can remove staining.


Your teeth will be minimally reduced to the right shape so that the new veneer will make the alignment of your teeth straight. You will be able to choose the shade of your new veneer and in many cases our patients will choose a lighter shade than their natural colour allowing them at a later stage to have their teeth whitened. Your dentist will then ensure they whiten your natural teeth to match your veneer.

First Appointment

You will need two appointments to prepare the tooth and fit the veneer. These will be approximately two weeks apart. During your first appointment your dentist will adjust your tooth slightly and then take very accurate impressions that will be sent to a laboratory. At this stage a shade will be chosen and you will work with the dentist to choose a colour you are happy with.

Second Appointment

During your second appointment your will be shown your new veneer and the dentist will put it in place and together you can confirm you are happy with the appearance. Once you and the dentist have decided the veneers are perfect they will be permanently cemented to your natural tooth. Only very minor adjustments can be made to a porcelain veneer once it has been fitted.

After care

The life expectancy of a veneer can vary depending on your particular bite, whether you grind your teeth and how well you look after them. With the appropriate oral hygiene you can expect them to last 15 to 20 years. There is no special care needed once the veneer has been fitted other than the care you would give your natural teeth. We always recommend that you visit our hygienist on a regular basis and together you can design a treatment plan that suits you and that may prolong the life of your veneers.

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