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Our Treatments - Invisible Fillings

White fillings are now more frequently used instead of silver amalgam fillings. The white composite fillings vary in colour and a specific shade can be chosen to best match your natural teeth, therefore making them less noticeable than the silver ones. You can have existing fillings removed and replaced with white ones. They can dramatically improve the appearance of your mouth.


As fillings vary so much your dentist will discuss all the different treatment options with you. In certain circumstances, such as where your filling is very large, it may benefit you to have an alternative treatment such as an Inlay or an Onlay. We are always happy to discuss these options in detail with you.


A composite filling can be completed in one visit to your dentist. There are several steps to placing or replacing a composite filling into a tooth. The filling will be placed into your tooth in layers and after each step the filling material will be cured with a special light. This bonds the material to the tooth.


You will normally be advised to have a local antiseptic to replace or place a filling into your tooth. On some occasions the filling can be deep and so as to avoid any discomfort a local anaesthetic would be advisable. Once your dentist is sure you cannot feel anything they will remove any old filling or decay. This is something that causes some patients to feel anxious, however, you should be assured that with new modern technology the equipment used today makes this procedure much easier than in years gone by. Once the tooth is clean and ready for the filling to be positioned the dentist will treat the tooth with several products to prepare it for the new filling. The filling material will then be placed in layer by layer and at each stage cured with a special light, bonding it to the remaining tooth. Once the tooth has been filled the dentist will adjust the filling to get your correct bite and your tooth will feel and look like a natural tooth.

After care

Looking after your filling is the same as looking after your natural teeth. As always it is important to brush, floss, etc. on a daily basis. There are many dental health products on the market to help maintain good oral health. We would recommend that you take advantage of these. Please ask if you have any concerns with regards to using them.

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