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Our Treatments - Dentures

Dentures are used to replace missing natural teeth. If you are only missing a few teeth a partial denture can be made, which relies on your remaining natural teeth for support. These dentures need to be designed to work with your natural teeth to restore masticatory function. If you have lost all your natural teeth then complete dentures can be made, placing the denture teeth in a similar position to where your natural teeth were.


Implants are an alternative option to dentures. Where only a few teeth are missing many patients consider the implant option, as this is a fixed solution. However, dentures are a less invasive and less costly solution. Dentures can be constructed from acrylic resin, chrome cobalt or gold. Your dentist will advise which is the best option for you.

There are various standards of dentures available. The highest quality aesthetic dentures are made using injection moulding techniques. Injection moulding techniques improve the fit of the denture and prevent discolouration. It also provides ultimate strength for dentures.

Bespoke dentures are created by hand picking individual teeth to be placed on the denture. There are dozens of teeth in a variety of shapes, size and colours to ensure the result is the best possible. Additional time and craftsmanship is spent on the gum contouring and overall aesthetics meaning the most natural appearance is achieved. Bite and overall function of the denture is also much improved with the use of the highest quality materials and techniques.

The different standards of denture can be explained to you fully at a consultation with our denture specialist.


In order to make good fitting dentures it is essential every care is taken to obtain very accurate impressions of your mouth. This usually takes two appointments. The bite is recorded by measuring the lower face height to ensure the denture teeth are placed in a similar position to where your natural teeth were. At the third or fourth appointment your trial dentures, made in wax, are tried in your mouth to ascertain you are happy with the colour of the teeth and the look of your new dentures. At your next appointment your dentures will be fitted. It is normal to experience some soreness and discomfort initially, and your dentist will arrange follow up appointments to make the necessary adjustments to make your dentures comfortable.

After care

It is very important that you clean your remaining natural teeth and your dentures thoroughly. When cleaning dentures place some water in the basin or a flannel to protect the denture should it slip from your hands when cleaning. Denture wearers should ensure they continue to see their dentist regularly to ensure their mouth is still healthy.

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