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Our Treatments - Bridges

Bridges are a very common treatment within the practice and will especially suit someone that has missing teeth and does not like the idea of wearing a removable denture on a permanent basis. A bridge can be fitted after the gum has had time to heal, usually a minimum of three months.


Bridges come in various materials, including gold, porcelain fused to metal or porcelain, and each has its own benefits. The dentist will advise which one is best for you. An alternate to a bridge could be implants.


For a bridge construction you will be invited for an appointment where the dentist will prepare the teeth that will be used to anchor the bridge. The bridge comprises of false teeth, which are held in place by one or more crowns. The process of making a bridge needs to be done over two appointments.

First Appointment

At your first treatment appointment the dentist will prepare your teeth to take some very accurate impressions of your "prepped" teeth, which will then be sent to a laboratory. You will also be given the chance to choose a shade of the new bridge so it will match your existing teeth. Whilst waiting for the bridge to be created you will be given temporary crowns that will be fitted using temporary cement.

Second Appointment

The second appointment will be two weeks after the preparation appointment. After removing the temporary bridge, the new bridge will then be placed in your mouth and you will be able to see it. After you have confirmed you are happy with the bridge, it will then be permanently cemented into your mouth and will look and feel like a natural tooth.

After care

Looking after your bridge is the same as looking after your natural teeth. As always it is important to brush, floss, etc. on a daily basis and this should continue after your bridge is fitted. There are many dental health products on the market to help maintain good oral health. We would recommend that you take advantage of these. Please ask if you have any concerns with regards to using them.

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